image In-Game Privacy Settings Guide
The following settings guide is designed to provided increased privacy while gaming with your XIM.

If you are using a XIM APEX , you will need Expert Configuration enabled (go to Global Settings to enable). To view the additional aim settings you'll need while editing your Config on XIM APEX , XIM NEXUS , and XIM MATRIX , press  ••• .
1)  Open your game and begin editing its  Controller Options
2)  Choose a unique in-game Horizontal Sensitivity  and enter it here
3)  Choose a unique in-game Vertical Sensitivity  and enter it here
4)  Edit  your  XIM Config and apply the follow Y ratio value to both Hip and ADS
    For XIM APEX enter this value for Y/X Ratio
    For XIM NEXUS  and XIM MATRIX enter this value for Y Scale
5) Finally, adjust your XIM Sensitivity to your preference